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From: Boris Badinov <b_badinov@yahoo.com>
To: "chris@blueridgehydroponics.com" <chris@blueridgehydroponics.com>
Date: April 13, 2016 at 5:16 AM
Subject: customer service is everything - thank you

Dear Chris,

As a newbie to home-brewing, I stopped by your shop a few weeks ago for a look-about. I was impressed with the customer service that I was provided even though I only bought a $2.50 packet of dry yeast.

Your willingness to provide advice and counsel on my first batch of brew is much appreciated. This is exactly the kind of service that a newbie wants. Yes, you did show me options that would require additional equipment, but it was within the realm of education in the subject, rather than pushy salesmanship. We have all been subject to pushy salesmen, but rather than telling me that I had to have this or that, you showed me what was available, and answered my questions as a brewer, not a salesman. I appreciate that more than you know. I WILL be back!

You gave me at least an hour of your time, giving advice and offering options that I did not know existed. As much as I hate coming into the city, I shall not miss the opportunity to stop by your shop when I am forced to do so. Other local area home-brewers would be well served to visit your shop.

I would highly recommend that any newbie home brewer in the Roanoke area to touch base with Chris. It;'s  not all about sales with Chris, he offers the customer service that newbies need. You can't buy that kind of support.

Yes, you are authorized to use excerpts of my comments for advertising purposes. You put in the time to earn it.  The people in the Roanoke valley should appreciate having a knowledgeable and helpful merchant that caters to the homebrew  group. And there are more every day.

Thank you Chris. You deserve our support, and I don't say that often. I will be back to see you soon. I hope that others will, as well.


Charlie Ferguson
Craig County